June 2014

Publicity poster and handbill

Let’s Dance!  


My favourite piece of the evening was the one that was created by a musician within the orchestra, Christine Snowdin. I found the piece so beautifully evocative of the natural landscape, water and countryside. How amazingly talented this woman must be to have the ability not only to play an instrument so skilfully but to also write music for a whole score of other instruments is beyond me. I thought the piece was beautiful.


I thought I must email you about the pleasant summer’s evening spent at Saint Thomas’s church last Saturday.  For both Edward and myself, the concert was so much more than listening to beautiful music as we were totally awe-inspired by the realm of talent in front of us. As a mother who has had to nag her son constantly to practise the drums and piano to get to a mere grade three level, it made me contemplate how many hours of dedication must have been spent to achieve such a degree of musical proficiency. It was a such a delight and a real privilege to observe and listen to real musicians creating something so special.

Thank you for arranging the Boots Orchestra to visit Aslockton. It was a very successful venture and I do hope that they visit Saint Thomas’ again. 


Letter of thanks and appreciation